Catholic MTA Scholarship Fund

Catholic MTA Scholarship Fund: Give every child a chance!​

Dear estemed friends!

In our work, we believe that every student has the right to access world-class educational environments, regardless of family background or social status. We still know that life is inherently unfair, and humanity has a long journey towards equality in education, but every journey must start with the first steps.

Giving opportunities and accompanying each destiny, that is Catholic MTA’s Scholarship Philosophy.

Even though we are Catholic MTA, you do not have to be Catholic to participate in this program.

The spirit and goals of Catholic MTA Scholarship

If you grow up in a family with good financial conditions, you have a good start. Your family will invest in everything to help you study better. We have no doubt that if you have more opportunities to receive scholarships (based on academic achievement) than students in remote areas who do not have the same support conditions, but if only scholarships are awarded. For students with financial means, Catholic MTA may unintentionally contribute to widening the opportunity gap between students from different family economic backgrounds.

Of course, our work is not to widen that inequality gap!

Catholic MTA, the first Catholic study abroad model in Vietnam, provides scholarships based on students’ family circumstances and abilities. The level of financial support for each student is considered based on two necessary and sufficient conditions: the applicant meets the addmission requirements and lack of financial capacity.

This scholarship covers partial or full tuition at schools in countries such as the US, Canada and New Zealand (list of schools provided by Catholic MTA) without religious discrimination and financial reimbursement requirements.

As mentioned, we believe that every student has the right to access a world-class educational environment, regardless of family background or social status, so the Catholic MTA Scholarship was born.

Scholarship principles

Scholarships are a familiar concept to Vietnamese students, but Catholic Study Abroad Scholarships are a new concept.

You do not have to be a Catholic and you do not have to commit to becoming a Catholic.

This is a non-refundable support package that we give to qualified students whose families cannot afford to pay the entire cost for 2 years of study at Colleges or 4 years of studying in the Bachelor’s Program.

For example, tuition at a community college in the US is about 10,000 USD/year, and if we offered you a support package worth 40% – 50% of the tuition, would you try to make your dream to study abroad in America come true?

With Catholic MTA’s limited budget and funding resources, each dollar of scholarship awarded to one student means a dollar of support for another student is taken. Therefore, the Catholic MTA Fund can only provide the most opportunities to access international education for students across the country when candidates and their families are honest about their financial circumstances. We hope you will share this value with us.

To ensure fairness, Catholic MTA will review and check applications thoroughly and will refuse when we detect inaccurate representation of family economic circumstances.

All student information provided will be kept absolutely confidential (not disclosed to any third party). The results of the Scholarship review will be announced according to the review process.

Let the Catholic MTA Scholarship Fund give wings to your dreams.

Scholarship criteria

Each scholarship awarded from the Catholic MTA Scholarship Fund is a result of tiny contributions from the generosity of sponsors. Therefore, in order to be awarded it to the right person, we need a careful review process. We hope you are willing to cooperate with us.

Please note that the Catholic MTA Scholarship is only awarded to students who have been confirmed to offer a scholarship by one of the listed schools. After receiving the school’s scholarship confirmation letter, you can continue to apply for the Catholic MTA scholarship.

Catholic MTA’s scholarship criteria are very simple: you have the ability to study, have the will to progress, dare to dream, have a moral and charitable foundation demonstrated through social activities. Please clearly show that in the video requested on the Application Form.

Processing time: 15 working days.

Scholarship review and awarding process