The Catholic MTA Education Fair 2024 organized by Catholic MTA Study Abroad Company is considered a festival for studying abroad in foreign countries, gathering representatives from the world’s best educations such as the US, Canada, and New Zealand. and Australia; from high school to college, university and postgraduate.

Content of Catholic MTA Education Fair 2024

Catholic MTA Education Fair 2024 will include 3 main points:

  • This is a golden opportunity for you to meet and interact with school representatives, learn about majors, receive guidance on career opportunities after graduation, and have your profile evaluated directly from qualified advisors. specialize;
  • Hunt scholarships right at the counter with exclusive scholarships for Catholic MTA students, total value can be up to 70%;
  • Hear from representatives of US consulate officials to be well prepared for student visa application.
Săn học bổng lên đến 70% ngay tại quầy tư vấn của Triển lãm du học Công giáo Catholic MTA
Săn học bổng lên đến 70% ngay tại quầy tư vấn của Triển lãm du học Công giáo Catholic MTA

Schedule and Agenda: 

Time và Location:

  • Time: 8:00 – 12:00, Sunday, 11/8/2024
  • Location: Hotel New World Sài Gòn, 76 Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


8h:30 – 10:30 Study Tour (1-1 consultation with 30+ High Schools, Colleges, Universities from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia)
10:30 – 11:30 The Consular Talkshow 
11:30 – 12:00 Introduction Catholic MTA Scholarship Fund
Giao lưu cùng viên chức lãnh sự để tìm hiểu quy trình xét duyệt hồ sơ
Giao lưu cùng viên chức lãnh sự để tìm hiểu quy trình xét duyệt hồ sơ

Why should you participate in Catholic MTA Education Fair 2024?

About Catholic MTA Overseas Education Consulting

Catholic MTA Education Consulting Company was established in 2013 with the mission of opening up opportunities for education and advancement for Vietnamese students in countries with excellent education systems through a network of Catholic high schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

Catholic MTA does not merely provide services; it offers community-oriented values. This is evident through the following points:

  • Tailoring the most suitable study abroad pathway for each individual based on in-depth analysis of financial conditions, academic backgrounds, career goals, and future orientations after studying abroad.
  • Seeking quality educational institutions with competitive tuition fees, numerous scholarship programs, and policies for international students such as financial support, community integration, social networking, and part-time employment.
  • Providing support at all times, being present promptly to handle issues or incidents for students, and serving as a 24/7 connection center between the school and families.

In this spirit, Catholic MTA has gained enthusiastic trust and support from parents and has successfully processed hundreds of study abroad applications at all levels, from high school to college and postgraduate studies.

Catholic MTA worldwide partnership

 As a Catholic company operating in the spirit of Catholicism, our traditional partners include major Catholic high school systems in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand; reputable colleges, universities, and educational organizations such as ECSD, TCDSB, OCSB (Canada), Shorelight (USA), Educatius Group (USA), Navitas (Australia), Auckland University, NZSEG (New Zealand), and more.


  • The average visa success rate is 95% on the first application and 100% on the second submission.
  • 99% of Catholic MTA students express high satisfaction with the study options designed and completed by Catholic MTA, finding suitable employment, with many obtaining permanent residency (PR).
  • One of Catholic MTA’s proudest achievements over the years is customer loyalty, with 100% of clients willing to become brand ambassadors after using our services.

The registration portal will soon be opened publicly for parents and students before July 1, 2024.

Catholic MTA Study Abroad Company respectfully invites and is pleased to welcome parents.