A liberal education prepares students for success throughout their working lives.

“We believe that Vietnam young generation deserve to study liberal arts and high-class programs in Canada. The primary mission of MTA Corporation is to make it easier. And that is also one of the reasons MTA Corporation, the Canadian branch, was established and officially operated this spring.”

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As a study abroad consulting company and tour organizer in Canada, we recruit students from Vietnam for high schools, colleges and universities in Canada; at the same time, we design and organize tours in Canada to serve the sightseeing and experience needs of parents in case they arrive to visit their children.

Legal Basis

Pursuant to The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), MTA Corporation Canada is proud to be a pioneer company in the field of study abroad and tourism consulting, and gradually develop a trade network with transportation services, freight forwarding, supply chain management and e-commerce logistics solutions between Canada and Vietnam.

Our Vision

  • Become a top-of-mind brandname about care and support services that all Vietnamese students studying in Canada know and trust.
  • Understand customer segments. Organizing new, unique and emotional itineraries in Canada to serve parents during the time visiting their children.
  • With increasing consumer demand and the explosion of e-commerce, MTA Corporation Canada focuses on applying technology and innovations to optimize performance in supply chain operations. fulfillment and logistics in Canada and Vietnam.

Our Strategy

  • We respect and understand culture and thereby harmonize itineraries and service packages to please customers with empathy and understanding.
  • Combined with reputable partners in Canada and the United States, we improve the quality of all of the company's services.

Success Stories

What Our Clients Say

When their children study abroad with MTA?

Mr. Vinh - Nhu's Father, Grade 10, Canada

...differences in culture, language, learning style, and learning content in the early days made it a bit difficult for her, but that was not beyond Uncle Son's (MTA) expectations - the person who gave me more confidence to make decisions sending my daughter to study abroad. Uncle Son gave useful advice before my daughter left, in addition to her efforts to overcome all barriers and integrate quickly.

Ms. Nga- Bao Han's Mother, Grade 10, Canada

“My daughter called home crying the first week, even though her father was with her. Then week 2 onwards is good. In the morning, she wake up and prepare food and water, and in the afternoon, she come home, dinner and study. Show off her grades, show off her friends...but there's are shortcomings that she still has to face. She still need a lot of support. I hope she know how to receive it worthily and know how to give it freely so that she can continue to help Uncle Son carry out this truly spectacular Educational Revolution!”